The Virginia Limited Liability Company Ensures Liability Protection

If you want to start a Virginia business, you are well on your path to financial freedom and an exciting adventure.  But you must realize that this path is full of potential for risks and liability.  Accordingly, you should create a personal liability protection vehicle to protect you when running a business.  The best choice is the Virginia limited liability company.


The Commonwealth of Virginia has won awards for the best state for business.  These awards are a sign that Virginia lawmakers understand the need to encourage and facilitate the growth of entrepreneurship.  One clear example of a business friendly law is the Virginia Limited Liability Company Act.


If you operated your business though a Virginia limited liability company  and are the owner of that business, you get protection under the LLC laws from being personally liable for business liability.  This is an essential protection requirement especially today when lawsuits against small business are on the rise.  The Virginia governing bodies recognized this need and so have made it affordable and easy to use an LLC.


Another important benefit is that the law saves business owners from having to comply with large and complex administrative compliance.  While corporations have these as safeguards for bigger and more complicated businesses, the small business has no need for these.



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So, business owners do not have to worry about spending time or money on meeting legal compliance requirements.  This allows them to spend their time on building their businesses and reaching customers. The Virginia LLC laws intentionally make it easy and flexible for a Virginia business to be run through one.  There is no mandated one size fits all structure when it comes to determining ownership details or operational processes.  Each business can decide on these details themselves based on their business situation.


In addition to Virginia, the IRS also favors the limited liability company as a preferred vehicle for small business.  A Virginia limited liability company is given the most choices when it comes to income taxation.  It automatically is qualified for a single layer of taxation so it can easily avoid the double taxation of a C corporation without having to meet other conditions and requirements.


These benefits discussed are just a few examples of the power of the Virginia limited liability company  for a small business owner.  When you are in the process of starting a Virginia business, choosing the right legal entity should be your initial step as it sets the foundation for everything required to be successful.


Ensuring legal protection starts off with the proper and complete organization of a limited liability company. Insist upon using only a established and proven Virginia LLC organization service:


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